The Magical "Stick Person" Keychain

YOU and the Stick Person concept

The Stick Person concept is extremely simple. Do not let the apparent simplicity to deceive you as it can reveal to you a wonderful world of power, possibility, and promise.

You have a power within you that is far superior to any conditions or circumstances around you. With free will your thoughts direct this power to whatever results you choose.

We have the ability to think- problem with most people is they don't think.


“2% of the people think, 3% think they think and

95% would rather die than think”  

Dr. Ken McFarland


This concept literally changed the course of my life. So hear me out, You gonna love it.


Thanks to this little stick person figure, I start seeing the mind and the body and I get understanding how to change my life. Every time when I don't feel good I know I am emotionally involved with wrong ideas. In these moments I look at my Stick Person, who reminds me to take control of my thoughts.

The quality of your life depends on what ideas you’re emotionally involved with.

   Now ask yourself: 

  • are you thinking about problems or you thinking about solutions?

  • are you thinking about what you want or what you don't want?

  • do you have control over the thoughts you thinking?

  • do you like things that are coming into your life?

This little keychain reminds you every day that you have the power to think- You really want to hold it somewhere you see it all the time.

Order it now for yourself, your family members, friends or coworkers:

  • keychain is nicely wrapped in the gift box

  • the box contains a leaflet-where is explained Stick Person concept



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