The Magical "Stick Person" Concept

Just tell me one thing, do you want to get more out of your thoughts, out of your feelings, and out of your body? I mean in short do you want to accomplish more in life?

Well, if yes, then just hold up right there. Take a cup of coffee and sit back relax there.

I have something for you which you don’t want to miss out at any cost. Believe me, this little thing is going to change your daily life forever. It will be going to change how you think about certain things, how you react to those things, and how you take action for those things. So, without bragging more about it, let’s get straight out to the point.

So, what is it?

It’s what we called Stick Person.

We have the ability to think- problem with most people is they don't think.

“2% of the people think, 3% think they think and

95% would rather die than think”  

Dr. Ken McFarland

The Stick Person Concept:

The stick person concept is really simple but very effective. Well to understand the concept of stick person, firstly you have to understand some things first. Like how we think, react, and take actions.

So, there are basically two parts of your mind:

One is a conscious one and the second part is sub-conscious.

1. Conscious Mind

Firstly let’s just talk about what exactly is a conscious mind.

In our conscious mind, we can think, not more. In a conscious mind, we have the ability or you can say power to choose our thoughts. These thoughts don't determine our changes in life before they are suppressed to the subconscious mind.

(Don’t worry if you still have any doubt regarding it or still didn’t get what is the conscious mind. We will talk about it later on this post again.)

Recommended reading Napoleon Hill book Think and Grow Rich

2. Sub-Conscious Mind

The subconscious mind is completely different from the conscious mind. I mean only 5% of our activities (decisions, emotions, actions, behavior) are conscious whereas the remaining 95% is generated in a non-conscious manner. So now you may realize what is the power of your subconscious mind. Recommended reading Joseph murphy book -

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind: Original Classic Edition

Well, do you know imagination is one of the human higher facilities? For example, if you close your eyes you can go where ever you want, you can see yourself walking on the beach, driving a car, etc. There no limits in your imagination.

Now let’s back towards The Stickman Concept.

We have divided the stickman concept into three major parts.

Part one: Conscious mind.

Second Part: Subconscious Mind.

Third Part: Body.

The energy flows into you, you can choose thoughts (positive or negative), through repetition these thoughts are going to subconscious mind and body take action. These actions determine your results in life.

Well, we have already discussed two concepts, conscious and sub-conscious. But we haven’t yet spoken about the third part, which is your body.

Third Part: Body.

We believe that body is the smallest part of these three. Because it’s just the physical appearance of your mind, of your soul. Like, it’s a home for you. It’s where and by which you do all of your tasks.

So, basically your subconscious mind controls your body. So, if you want to accomplish more in life, whether it’s in the form of money, better relationships, or health… All you have to do is to train your mind by using your ability to think. The thoughts or images that are consciously chosen, impressed upon the subconscious (which is every cell of your body), must move your body into action.

Your body alone is nothing but just your physical appearance. So, we believe that everything is in your mind. The mind is a movement it's in every cell in your body and body is a physical expression of you and that’s why we keep the body part smallest among these three.

So, this is basically the stick person concept:

The formula to your success

No. 1 - Thoughts, No. 2 - Feelings, No. 3 Actions = Results

1. You take control of your conscious mind. I mean train your mind to do the right things. Train your mind to adopt good habits and say NO to bad ones. Focus on getting better instead of falling into traps of bad habits and all.

2. You realize that everything that you feel is related to your subconscious mind and acts like it. I mean remember the day when you have craving for that big extra large burger or want to eat that pizza slice, but you already in a bad shape and know that this is going to hurt your body a lot. So, what you do in this situation?

You use your ability to think, analyze, and then say a big NO to all the junk food!

3. After making a decision, you get emotionally involved with an idea, and you repeat it as long it's become your new habit- this means it's moving into your subconscious mind, and as I have written previously its controls 95% of our activities.

4. Your results in life is a reflection of you. To get different results in your life you don't have to change circumstances you have to change yourself and the way you think.

The universe only function is to reflect you, so you know who you are.

How it changed my life?

Okay by saying that it changes my life, I didn’t want to brag about this product or something like that. But I’m just going to spit out the truth.

Okay, so basically when I was feeling low or was not in the mood of doing something or was just sad. Every time I take a look at the Stick person, it reminds me that I can choose my thoughts. It’s not who I am. These are just bad thoughts and I have to change them.

Today I choose to be positive and grateful, today I notice good things around me. If the universe reflecting me, then I can get only what I am.

I mean when you know what’s there is stopping you, and where you have to look up for them, you can find the solutions easily. And this is where the stick person concept helps me out.

By looking at the stick person, I know exactly what I have to do and how I have to change my thoughts. So, I can now proudly say that it changed my life.

And I’m not the only one who is saying this. I know a lot of people how have they stick person printed out and hangs in the wall. I recommend this product to one of my friend who always gets depressed and low. And after she getting to know this concept... everything in her life starts to change, and she is now a much happier person. I am not saying that she’s the happiest person out there. But the way I used to know her, she is now no longer like that.

Big thanks to Proctor Gallagher institute and Mind Superpower to bringing this powerful concept into my life. Now I share it with YOU

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